Terms And Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions very carefully as your use of our service are subject to your acceptance of and compliance with the following terms and conditions bolo mitrama

  • You agree and confirm that you will use this website for reasonable and lawful purposes only.
  • You comply with all applicable laws and regulations while using the site and transacting on the site.
  • You provide complete, true and accurate information in all instances where such information is requested. BoloMitrama reserves the right to confirm and validate the information provided by you at any point of time. If the details found are not true, BoloMitrama has the right to reject it.
  • Customers are responsible for their precious belongings and household items. Please check our representatives before and after the job. Our liability will not be exceeded the amount you are paying us as a service charge.
  • If you send our representatives for purchasing any items from the market then you are responsible for all payments.
  • Please note the customer will reimburse travel cost spent by our representative on reaching the job address. The customer care executive shall communicate this in advance to the booking allocation. Feel free to call us in case of clarity.
  • Please note there will be additional Charges for any booking post 8pm.
  • Please note the email received after booking made through website/APP is just an acknowledgment email. BoloMitrama representative will only do confirmation of booking through a phone call.
  • We will not be providing any illegal services like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.


  • We may let you know the prices in advance or after order confirmation, and we may charge extra in case of our representative has to wait extra time or based on the distance.
  • If you requested our representative to pickup/drop someone and if it gets delayed from the given time, we will charge extra amount on hourly base and also travel expense has to be bear by customer only.
  • In case of assistance required for hospitalization, charges will be applicable on hourly bases. And also travel expense has to be bear by customer only.
  • Pricing will be based on the travel distance + travel time + Item cost + Service charges.
  • If the customer wants us to send any parcel/courier, those charges has to pay by customer only.                                                                
  • So please confirm the details like courier prices and in which courier and location you want us to book before the order delivery.
  • If the ordered item is not available in the store/given place (in case of customer suggested the place) customer has to pay the travel expenses and service charges. So please confirm with store before giving the order.
  • BoloMitrama is not responsible if the item is damaged or lost once we done the courier.                                                                                
  • No returns or exchanges allowed.

Cancellation Policies: 

  • Before the representative buys item ordered by you.Only Service charges will be applied.
  • In case our representative reached you/the place which you told to pick up something and then you have cancelled the your request then Service charges + Travel expenses will be applied.
  • Our representative bought the item ordered by you but not delivered then Service charges + Travel expenses + Item Charges will be applied.
  • In case of cancellation of the order after the delivery then no amount will be refunded.

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